Artist Statement:

Hey, my name’s Brandon Ridener and I’m an artist and animator from Florida who makes cartoons.

Animation has always been my biggest influence in art. Ever since I was a kid, cartoons have always caught my attention. Seeing the drawings come alive on screen intrigued and baffled me. As a young child, you have no idea how much work goes into art or animation, and as I grew older, I learned to appreciate it even more. I would grab whatever materials I had and tried to recreate my favorite characters. Once I discovered that people made art for a living, I knew from that point on that I wanted to be an artist.

With my inspiration and influences coming primarily from animation, my work tends to have a cartoony style. My linework is always clean and refined. I’ve always admired how crisp certain animation and vector art can be. Even if I’m not using a vector-based software, I love all of my drawings to have a polished, graphic look to them with smooth linework. My work begins with an idea or story, which is then translated into rough drawings or storyboards. While in the planning phase, I try to work out all of the initial details and further develop the composition. After the composition is formed, I start to refine the linework and add color to the piece. Once the base colors are set, I give the piece depth by adding shading and highlights. Although my work varies from illustration to animation, the process is always consistent.

The overall goal of my work is for my audience to feel the same way that I did when I first discovered cartoons as a child and found my inspiration. If my work ever has that effect on another person, then I consider that a huge success. My work is already successful to me if I effectively bring my ideas to life in a way that’s engaging. If it can spark something like that in someone else, then that’s more rewarding than anything.

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