“Kira Corgi” Artwork

Hey guys, I’m back with some new artwork and a new YouTube video! Recently I was asked by my friend if I could draw her dog, Kira Corgi. Needless to say, I did it and here it is! If you want to see the full drawing, you can check it out on the art page. I also recorded a time lapse video while I was making it. You can watch that above or at this link. If you’re interested in seeing how it was made, be sure to check that out. I hope you guys like it. Also, don’t forget to subscribe for more videos from me!

In other unrelated news, I’ve added a donate button to the site. If you’re feeling generous and want to throw me a donation, now you can! Any amount helps, but it’s not required and I’ll always be releasing my content for free. It just helps me keep doing what I’m doing. As much as I’d like to do this full-time, I still have a part-time job and have to make money. I hope that one day I can make a living out of all of this. Until then, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing. All of your donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your support!

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you guys like the artwork and enjoy the video! Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next time, I’ll catch you guys later!


  1. Sean says:

    First. (Ralph, don’t even try it)

    That looks amazing Rid, I’m genuinely impressed (is that rare?)

    Also, this donation button… I don’t see it, I see a blank space in the sidebar where it could probably fit, but that’s all..

  2. I saw that donation button the other day, and I was literally 1 click away from submitting a $0.69 donation or something stupid like that, but I chickened out.

    I regret it now.

    • Also, I like that video a lot, hope you release more stuff like that, at least it helps you put out content. I always appreciate a good time lapse of creative work.

      Also, being that it’s June 3rd, I’m going to go ahead and assume you don’t have a time machine to submit that new animation of yours?

      • Thanks, man. I have more time lapse videos planned, so there will definitely be more.

        I knew I wasn’t going to finish it in time, so I stopped working on it for now. It’s all planned and the rough animation is complete, so all it needs is the sound and final animation. I’ll try to have it finished in the next few months.

  3. I’ll probably write a new post when I get back home. I’m going to be in Ohio for a little over a week. There really hasn’t been much progress on anything other than the Space Chase soundtrack being completed.

    I’ll post about that and school stuff when I get back from my trip.

    • Sean says:

      Ralph is really curious as to who was at that door, even though we know it’s the fridge from hell.

      He needs closure.

      Enjoy your trip anyway, what is in Ohio to do?

  4. I’ll probably save that cartoon for Halloween. I think I want to focus on finishing Space Chase right now. It’s been in production for too long and I’d like to have it done sometime this year.

    I’m going to visit my friend Kyle until next weekend. He moved there earlier this year because he’s in the Air Force. He helped pay for me and my friend Cody to fly out and see him. It should be a fun trip. I’m excited to see him again.

  5. Are you in Ohio yet.

  6. I saw (due to my expert creeper skillset) that you’ve finally lived and consumed your first White Castles.

    Welcome to the north.

  7. No, but it’s going well so far. There’s just a lot of work.

  8. Waiting for Space Chase like

    still waiting computer

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