“Space Chase” Announced!

Space Chase Announced

Hey everyone, I’m finally back with an update and animation announcement! If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been talking about storyboarding and working on a new space animation. (If you’re not following me, I suggest you do so if you’re wondering what I’m up to. I’ve been updating Twitter more frequently than anything else these days.) Well, the animation that I’ve been referring to is called Space Chase, at least for now. It’s the only name that I have in my head for it right now that’s suitable. If I come up with something better, I’ll make an update for it. But that’s what I’ve been working on in my spare time when I’m not working or hanging out with my lovely girlfriend.

It’s just a simple animation that takes place in space with aliens as the main characters. It’s a basic, comedic short animation with no major plot or story, so there’s not much to tell without ruining any of the jokes. There’s a lot of inspiration from things that I love, such as Invader Zim being a pretty big one, but it’s still an original short. I’m trying to take a step back with working on real lengthy projects and go for more humorous short animations for now. That way I can spend less time working on a new cartoon and release more content, more frequently. I’ve always loved funny cartoons and most of the animators I look up to do that kind of work, so it seems appropriate for me to work on that type of material. My art style is more suitable for comedy as well. In the future, when I’ve released more content and feel that I’m ready, I may attempt to work on another bigger project or even a series. That could end up being a comedy or action cartoon, depending on what I’m interested in making. We’ll see when the time comes, but for right now I feel like this is the right direction to be in. I’m having fun making this cartoon and I’ve always loved to make people laugh. Hopefully with this release and many others, I can do that for a lot of people.

As far as a release date goes, it’s really just guessing at this point. I plan to have the animation under or right around two minutes long. I’ve only completely storyboarded the first major scene out of probably three. I’ve even started finalizing some of the bits in the first scene if I don’t feel like storyboarding. But all in all, it’s still in the beginning stages. I know how I want the animation to go, but I’m still just storyboarding and rough animating the rest of it and trying to execute it properly. I’d like to have it finished relatively soon though, considering it’s supposed to be a short animation. Hopefully I’ll have it finished within the next two months or so. I start college again on August 20th, so I’m hoping that doesn’t slow it down too much. Anywho, that’s all I’ve got for this post. I’ll be posting updates for the animation as I progress just like I have been. You can also check out a little screenshot of the opening bit that I’ve completed on the image for this post. That’s all I’ll be showing for right now. Until next time, I’ll catch you guys later!


  1. Ralph says:

    I made myself laugh there.

    Hoo boy…

  2. Brandon says:

    Thanks for the positive response, Ralph. Now back to work!

  3. Not Ralph says:

    please release it on August 15

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