“Space Chase” – Update #1

Space Chase Update 1

Hey guys, I’m back again with an update on Space Chase (two months later). School has been keeping me tied up, but I’ve still been managing to squeeze in time to work on the animation. To begin with, I’ve pretty much completed the loading screen of the cartoon. I’m almost done with the first actual scene of the animation too, which is about the first forty seconds of the cartoon. As I said in the previous announcement post, the animation will consist of about three major scenes. Each scene will probably be around a minute long, or more or less. It’s hard to tell considering I haven’t storyboarded any of the other scenes yet. I plan to start on that once I finish the first scene. I only have two more short bits to finish on the first scene and then that will be done. After that, I’ll start storyboarding the next scene, if not the rest of the cartoon. Everything is turning out great though. I think my artwork has definitely improved since finishing Alan Wake: The Tribute. The reason for that is probably because most of the art and storyboards were completed early on in the production of that. With this animation, I feel like I’m slowly perfecting my drawing style, even though there’s obvious inspiration from other works, such as Invader Zim. I’ve shown what I’ve completed to a few people and they’ve really liked it so far, so I’m excited.

I’ve uploaded two screenshots from the first scene that you can check out on the animations page of the site. They are the full size images of this post and the announcement post I made two months back. They don’t show a whole lot, but I want to hold back on showing some of the good stuff for now, like the scenes featuring the alien’s character design. You can still get a good idea of the atmosphere of the animation, which is exactly what these screenshots show. I’ll most likely show some of what I just mentioned in the next update, so just stay tuned for that. I probably won’t write the next update until the first scene is completed. Hopefully that won’t take too much longer. I want to pick up the pace and possibly have this cartoon out sometime in November. I should specify the possibly, though. We’ll see what happens, as always. That’s all I’ve got for now. For further updates on the animation and other things from me, be sure to follow me on Twitter. Until next time, I’ll catch you all later!

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