“Space Chase” – Update #3

Space Chase Update 3

Hey guys, I’m back with another quick update on Space Chase. First of all, I’ve been working a lot on the rough animation and it’s progressing nicely. I have just a little over ten shots left to do and then the rough animation will be complete. After that I’ll be working on the final clean-up animation and adding sounds/music. Once all of that’s finished, the only thing left to do is the credits and any final touches I’d like to make or mistakes I’d like to fix. It feels good to be having most of the meat of this animation in place.

In other related news, I’ll be working with another musician to compose the original track that’s to be featured in Space Chase. After receiving the original track that Jesse Valentine (F-777) composed for it, I had some changes and additions that I wanted done to it. He agreed to everything and many weeks have passed, with very little response from him. A couple weeks after he agreed to making the changes to the song, he messaged me and wrote that he was getting ready to send the updated song for me then. Unfortunately, he never sent anything and it’s been about another three weeks since that point. (I’m a huge fan of Jesse’s music, it’s just been difficult working with him because of all this. I’m sure he’s just been very busy, but I would love to work with him again sometime in the future, with hopefully better luck.) Due to this situation, I decided to look for another artist who could compose the original track. I came across another very talented musician named Joshua Crispin (also known as Generdyn). He is a sound designer and composer who’s worked on various projects, both big and small. You can check out his official website and find some of his best work on his SoundCloud page. He’s an awesome guy and I’m very excited to be working with him.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, I’ve created a Facebook page for my animations that you can like for extra sneak peeks of my upcoming cartoons. Just recently I posted a very short clip from the opening scene of Space Chase. Be sure to head over and like the page for more clips and other sneak peeks from upcoming cartoons in the future! Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this update. Until next time, I’ll catch you later!


  1. Ralph says:

    So what you’re saying is that you should be uploading the finished animation this weekend?

    Cool, I’ll spread the word.

  2. Yo when the next update is.

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