“Space Chase” – Update #4

Space Chase Update 4

Hey everyone, it’s time for another update on Space Chase! To kick things off, I’ve finally finished all of the rough animation. It’s taken a lot longer to finish because I stopped working on it for a while and have also been putting more time into some of the final scenes. When I first started the rough animation, it was very rough. As I went along and made progress, I started to put more time and effort into the last scenes. Some of the final animation will be easier to complete now that certain shots are more polished. That’s what I’ll be working on next.

On the music side of things, I’ve said in previous updates that I’ve had some trouble finding an artist to compose the soundtrack. That’s happened again with the second artist I was working with, unfortunately. He’s too busy to do the soundtrack, so I guess I spoke too soon about that. To avoid that happening again, I won’t update on anything music related until something is actually in production. I can say, however, that I am talking with another very talented artist. He’s currently busy with a few projects but sounds interested in the animation. I’ll be emailing him again soon to find out if we can work together after he’s done with his other work. I’ll be sure to talk about how that went in the next update. I think he would be a great fit for the animation, so I’m hoping for the best. We’ll see what happens.

In other news, I just started a new cartoon! I know that sounds crazy considering how long I’ve been working on Space Chase, but this will be much shorter. It’s for an animation challenge by a Facebook group called Flash Holes that I joined recently. They just started doing monthly animation challenges and I thought it would be fun to participate. There’s no prize or anything like that. It’s mainly to encourage and challenge animators to create something within a month and get constructive criticism from other animators. However, they still choose a “winner” and that person will have their YouTube channel advertised on the group’s banner for a month. The group also just started a YouTube channel to showcase everyone’s work, so be sure to subscribe and join the Facebook page if you haven’t already. If you’re an animator, it’s a great place to share your work and meet other artists. The theme for this month’s challenge is prank phone calls. I came up with a pretty funny idea, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Even if I don’t complete it this month, I still plan to release it whenever it’s finished. This will definitely be a challenge for me, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably start posting updates on that once I have enough to show. Stay tuned!

Also, I forgot to mention that if you’re not following me on Twitter or Facebook, I’ve been live streaming on Twitch from time to time. If you’d like to see me animate or work on some artwork, be sure to follow me! I usually post on Twitter or Facebook when I’m about to stream, but following me on Twitch will send you notifications when I go live. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this update. Until next time, I’ll catch you guys later!


  1. First. (Sean don’t even try it.)

    Will read the post now.

    Edit: Okay first off, “When I first started the rough animation, it was very rough.” – I lol’d. Secondly, “Flash Holes” sounds like a completely different website than what it is. Thirdly, I really like the whole idea they have of monthly animations. Really hope you get your entry in since it’d be great publicity for your brand and whatnot.

  2. Sean says:


    Fine, I won’t magically become first this time, I’ll let you have this one.

    Also, I read the post before jumping in and writing a comment, unlike somebody we know.

    It’s great to hear Brandon, well done, hope it all goes well with the composer. I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the phone prank, that’ll be hilarious I’m sure.

    Okay, I’m done, peace.

  3. Dat monthly animation, it done yet? Also what’s it about? I hope it features a giraffe. How cool would it be to animate a giraffe?

  4. I’m still working on it. I’ve just been storyboarding it right now. The only info I’d like to share right now is what I wrote in the post.

    If you were online once in a while, I’d love to show you it, but you’re far too busy for that.

    • First of all, what about a giraffe?

      And second, you’re supposed to hit the “Reply” button so your comment is nested under the one you’re responding to.

      Gosh, learn to use your own site, man.

  5. you should post ur twitch stream/account links somewhere maybe in the top-right area also have a big banner with “im live” when ur streaming and also tweet right before and once or twice during ur stream to gain viewers and also use more hashtags to get noticed

  6. Might be time to break out dem Ace Ventura gifs so we’ll get weekly updates.

    • Alright, I’m gonna slap you because you’re bothering me.

      Don’t just be all “lmfao imma stream now” at some arbitrary middle-of-the-night time. Plan those shits and announce them in advance.

      Then, while streaming, you need to tweet more to get more people to tune in.

      Lrn 2 twitch.

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